One day it’s SPRING…one day it’s not!

Well, I’m still working on getting my right hand functioning again. The surgeon removed the pins two weeks ago while my husband had surgery at exactly the same time at a different location.Thank goodness for our children who drove us that day! Once home, we sat in bed each of us popping anti-biotic and pain killers while nursing our wounds with ice-packs…not a pretty sight! We’re both doing better but tendonitis has made the physio part of my hand rehabilitation difficult and painful.That said, I’ve started to notice some improvement in flexibility over the past few days. One way or the other, getting full use of my hand again is going to be a slow process, and I have to be patient…not an easy task!

Much has happened with A Stone for Benjamin. I signed a contract two weeks ago with Iguana Books and publication is planned for  September of this year. I’ve had to stop myself from tweaking passages for the umpteenth time! Old photographs and documents will be included in the book; some are close to one hundred years old and I’m working on improving the quality when reproduced. Stay tuned for more info closer to September.

LOTS more writing in the works…I’ll keep you posted!

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