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Fiona Head Shot 4Fiona Gold Kroll was born in London, England and enjoyed an idyllic childhood. She began vacationing in Europe in 1953, and her love of travel has continued throughout her life.

Before immigration to Toronto, Canada, during the 1960s, Fiona attended university in England. Fiona worked as a fashion buyer in Toronto until she married. She has two children and two grandchildren. After the death of her husband in 1993, Fiona pursued a career researching publicly traded companies with respect to their environmental, social, and governance policies.

       In her spare time, Fiona investigated her family tree, and her research skills proved invaluable in uncovering information. Fiona wrote a summary about her great-uncle in 2009, later published in Un train parmi tant d’autres, a French memoir of Convoy 6 destined for Auschwitz. She later began writing the complete story of his disappearance. After taking a creative writing course in 2012, Fiona wrote a short story The Butterfly Effect, subsequently published in the Globe & Mail in March of 2013, and completed A Stone for Benjamin, her first book, the same year.

       Happily remarried, Fiona continues to write in Thornhill, Canada.

       A Stone for Benjamin published by Iguana Books is available in ePub, Kindle and Print editions from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and Iguana Books.

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