Marketing Your Book: Is Social Media Consuming Your Time?

I will never forget the thFiona Head Shot 4rill of signing the contract to have my book, A Stone for Benjamin published. Told I would have to do most of my own book promotion, I believed it would be a simple task. But in reality, I didn’t have a clue how to market a book. Yes, my publisher sent me some suggestions and ran on line tutorials on social media, but there were not enough hours in the day to update and post to all my accounts apart from writing a blog. And what about my next book…well that’s another story.

So, after working solidly for five months promoting my book on social media I hired some professional help. The hiatus has proven invaluable to me while I regroup and reorganize my life. So here are some recommendations on time management for authors:

1. Schedule your day. Do all your Social Media updates during the morning. That said, analyze your authors Face Book page as to when you will receive the most number of hits. Twitter is usually better around 10:00 am, and late afternoon and some days better than others. HootSuite is an excellent program that enables updating of most of social media postings within one application

2. Work on all updates including your blog during the morning.

3. Reward yourself with lunch and a walk!

4. The afternoon is yours to do what you enjoy most…writing your next book.

Have I begun working on my next book? Yes, I have, and it’s a relief to know that I don’t have to think about my social media updates at least until tomorrow.



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