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It’s freezing out there or is it just me? I can’t remember the last time temperatures were this chilly in Toronto during the third week of March and the ground completely snow covered. I could have sworn I heard the forest moaning this morning when I walked the dog. It was that eerie sound of dried limbs rubbing together, desperately waiting for the sap to run. Obviously, Mother Nature has different plans.

OK,I’ll stop moaning!

From a publishing standpoint, February and March were absolutely fantastic months for me. I finally finished my memoir, A Stone for Benjamin, a few weeks later the Globe & Mail published my essay, The Butterfly effect. Now there is the inevitable anti-climax until A Stone for Benjamin is published. The memoir has left an indelible mark on me; I think about Benjamin daily.

My thanks go out to Ruth Frankel who led a creative writing course that I took last year. Under her tutelage and encouragement I found my voice.

In the meantime, my brain has been in constant overdrive. I’m working on five new narratives, three of which have definite promise. There is no telling where all of these ideas will lead. I make a point of writing each day—except when my husband and family are around, even they deserve some undivided attention. I also keep a moleskin and pen tucked away in my bag, just in case a brilliant idea pops into my head while I’m out.

Come back and visit frequently. There will be plenty of tantalizing titbits about upcoming story-lines along with publication updates on A Stone for Benjamin.

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