Food for Thought…

The sun keeps peeking out through the clouds intermittently today – although the strong northerly wind blows the occasional snow flake past the window. We had buds on the trees this time last year, sigh. I keep hoping that Spring is on its way. I know, I promised to stop talking about the weather!

I just got back from walking the dog. She bounded up the driveway a happy muddy mess! A bit like a child, she had to walk through every sludge filled puddle. I rinsed her feet with warm water – incredibly intuitive, she lifts her front paws one by one for me to wash and dry. One bucket of dirty water and several towels later she is contented, flaked out on the floor beside me. Perhaps I’ll come back as dog in my next life.

I’ve been working on the final editing of A Stone for Benjamin. Each time I think it’s finished I have to tweak the manuscript a little more. But, I think it’s almost ready to move to the next stage of publishing. I did come across a perfect quotation yesterday which is now included at the beginning of the book. It’s coming together, bit by bit.

Time to grab some lunch and some food for thought!

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