0I’m in week two after hand surgery. Now that I can use one hand and four fingers, I’m acutely aware of how much we need our thumbs, from writing to eating, grasping, to practically everything we do with our hands!  However my own physical problems became greatly diminished on Monday.

I like most people have been deeply touched by the terrorist attack in Boston this week. I’m more interested in the mindset of the extremists than who the perpetrators are. I cannot comprehend what drives human beings to willfully want to maim others, to harbor such wicked desires.

But this week also brought to the forefront acts of human behavior that appear to indicate the moral deterioration of mankind. Bullying has become commonplace particularly amongst children and youth sometimes leading to suicide. In Canada last week distraught by gossip and social media postings, Rehtaeh Parsons 17 hung herself and died. Where is bullying being learned? We need not look any further than our own political parties. This week the Conservative Party of Canada aired on public television personal attack ads against Justin Trudeau, newly elected leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. I found the ads distasteful to say the least and they clearly fell within the scope of bullying. Is this the kind of behavior we want to teach our children?

I hope for the sake of humanity, we will take a step back, look at ourselves and ask how we can do a better job of respecting one another in words and actions.

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