A Stone for Benjamin is born

butterfly effectA Stone for Benjamin took almost nine years not nine months to arrive. The book became both a labour of love and anguish to write, but it gave me enormous pride when I touched and looked at the cover for the first time. Finally, Benjamin Albaum would be recognized not as a number assigned in Auschwitz, but as a living person with a name, an identity and history.

“Chasing Holocaust shadows across Europe and beyond, Fiona begins her powerful journey searching for clues with nothing more than a misspelled name, old photographs and family stories.  Determined to uncover the truth about Benjamin’s life and death and France’s betrayal of its Jewish population, Fiona pieces together her great-uncle’s life, elevating Benjamin’s legacy from a number tattooed on his arm at Auschwitz to a more complete memory of the vibrant man he was.”

Purchasers began downloading and ordering the book on Monday and by the following Saturday A Stone for Benjamin was number #14 in the top 100 Holocaust books on Amazon.ca.  But, my goal is for the book to be read in libraries and schools across English speaking countries and beyond, because education is essential if we are to ensure that apathy does not tarnish Holocaust stories in future generations.

A Stone for Benjamin is more than just another Holocaust book.  It is a story about blemished French history during WWII along with the pleasure and sometimes heartbreak of genealogy research.

Currently, filming of a book trailer along with a short movie of A Stone for Benjamin has been completed by Creative Rebellion in LA. The book trailer will be ready for viewing on YouTube during the next few days and the movie will be prepared to submit to film festivals in the U.S. and Canada over the next twelve months.

A Stone for Benjamin has been born and well worth the wait!  View the book teaser A Stone for Benjamin now

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